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For Homebuilders

Mano Aircraft provides aircraft in kit basis for customers. First time in India, customer can build their own airplane, certify it and fly it

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Quick build kit

You can finish the aircraft really    fast within FAA rules. Fuselage, wing, Tail and control surfaces are all pre-  fabricated. Engine, Avionics, Comms, Accessories are fitted separately. Best way to complete the aircraft and let you soar into the sky! 



Normal kit

If you have more time and enjoy every minute of aircraft building, this is the right choice! You can build the aircraft as possible as 2000 hours. This plan fits into 49-51% as per FAA. Choice of engine and avionics are added up with aiframe purchase


Fully assembled aircraft

You can purchase the aircraft as a completely built and ready to be certified condition. Once approval is received the aircraft will be ready to fly. Pilot licensing and 

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